Our Mission

Our mission is to advance diversity and attain ever higher levels of inclusion at the academic institutions, schools, and workplaces we serve.

We execute our mission holistically and expertly, always with the needs and priorities of our partners driving the agenda. Our research-based diversity learning and management tools amplify crucial voices that are often silenced. Our solutions are proven to change people’s understanding, attitudes and behaviors.

Diversity Learning, Not Diversity Training

The best diversity learning isn’t one-off training; it is a process of teaching people how to make more inclusive decisions every day. That’s why we go beyond vague strategies to specific skills; beyond training based on compliance to learning based on research and learner engagement.

We inform rather than direct decisions, and we expand rather than restrict options for communicating with diversity competence.

of over 100,000

DiversityEdu participants say they will focus more on the impact of their choices based on what they learned in DiversityEdu.

Measurable Impact

Our partners say DiversityEdu changed the conversation, set a new baseline, and brought their community together. They trust us because we listen to their needs and because the impact of our approach is measurable.

The results of our randomized, mixed-methods study prove that after taking DiversityEdu, people are more likely to engage with diversity, more likely to intervene during a microaggression, and feel more confident using diversity-competent terminology and skills.

Expertise, Experience, Commitment

DiversityEdu is a diverse, woman-owned company dedicated to building inclusive culture.

Our team of experts in education, psychology, law, public policy, and instructional design has years of experience helping D&I leaders effect change in corporations, colleges, universities, and high schools.

A Basis in Research

Our content is based on the most relevant peer-reviewed research and emphasizes contributions from diverse scholars. We listen closely to course taker feedback and keep up with evolving topics surrounding diversity and inclusion. This evidence-based approach and attention to feedback reduces diversity resistance and motivates learners to stay engaged in the conversation.

Guidance for Sustainable D&I Initiatives

Our commitment is to work with you every step of the way. From talking with you about your needs and priorities, to guiding you through the pre-launch, roll-out, and post-launch phases of implementing our learning, we help you maximize engagement with key concepts and skills and change your climate to one of greater trust, inclusion, and productivity.

Our Solutions

Implementation Resources
Support and tools to ensure a successful roll-out and greater engagement.
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Learning built by experts, proven to increase inclusive behaviors.
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Step-by-step guides for leading diversity workshops that put learning into practice.
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