Our D&I Implementation Resources

Implement highly effective diversity and inclusion initiatives with our scalable platform and our detailed guides for supporting the pre-, during-, and post-course phases of your roll-out.
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Implementation Strategies and Tools

LMS Options
Our integration team deploys the courses quickly on your existing LMS or on our proprietary DiversityEdu platform.
Email templates, communications schedules, example FAQs, and more for each phase of your DiversityEdu roll-out.
Assistance and technical support for learners as they progress through the courses.

DiversityEdu Deployment Options

Our team will provide access to the courses and other resources on our proprietary learning management system. The DiversityEdu LMS is an intuitive, standards-compliant platform designed to provide a smooth, streamlined user experience with our diversity and inclusion courses.

  • Easy to use and can be administered without IT involvement
  • Progress and completion data can be accessed and downloaded by the administrator
  • Administrators can add or remove users and send reminder emails to keep participants engaged

We integrate our courses to run seamlessly on any standardized LMS including Canvas™, Blackboard™, Moodle™, and many more.

  • Our implementation specialists work with you to deliver a quick and easy integration
  • Progress and completion data will populate in the existing LMS’s gradebook
  • Users can access the courses with their existing accounts and login credentials

DiversityEdu LaunchKit

The LaunchKit section of our Implementation Guide gives you everything you need for a smooth roll-out of your DiversityEdu courses.

Email Templates
Outlines for launch announcements, reminders, and follow-ups with course takers.
Social Media
Sample posts with images to heighten awareness and engagement with your D&I efforts.
Stakeholder Map
Identify the groups involved in your inclusion initiative and plan appropriate communication for each.
Communications Schedules
Timelines to organize who, when, and how often to touch base with each stakeholder group.
Website FAQ Content
Common questions about DiversityEdu with suggested answers for you to share with course takers.
Checklists for Each Phase
Worksheets to track and manage important tasks for effective course administration.

Support at Every Step

Pre-Launch Testing

Before course deployment, we perform technical testing to ensure stability at launch and implement optional customizations to deepen user engagement.

Administrator Training

We provide administrators with an overview of the DiversityEdu LMS features as well as ongoing support when they need it.

User Support

Our dedicated team responds to learners’ technical questions quickly to keep them moving through the courses smoothly.

End-to-End D&I Solutions

Learning built by experts, proven to increase inclusive behaviors.
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Step-by-step guides for leading diversity workshops that put learning into practice.
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What Our Clients Say

DiversityEdu is a much appreciated resource, leading diversity initiatives by better preparing academic communities to best serve society at large. This program utilizes innovation, extensive research, best practices, and high quality designs to deliver applications for diversity training.”
Clinton J. Normore
Director of Diversity
​A.T. Still University of Health Science
I believe DiversityEdu is the best online tool in the field. DiversityEdu is an important resource for our faculty search committees in their mission to recruit and retain superior faculty and challenge misconceptions surrounding diversity.”
Aaron Bruce
Chief Diversity Officer
San Diego State University
At the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the vision of Inclusive Illinois means valuing and respecting the many voices, ideas, and perspectives that faculty, staff, and students each bring to the campus community. We have received valuable assistance from DiversityEdu in realizing our vision of Inclusive Illinois.”
Menah Pratt-Clarke
Vice Chancellor for Diversity
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
They really understood what bias was and that everybody has biases. And so what do you do with that … are you going to create a barrier for someone or a student because of the bias? I think DiversityEdu helped a lot of people to look at things from a bigger picture.”
Valerie Romero-Leggott, M.D.
Vice Chancellor and Diversity & Inclusion Executive Officer
University of New Mexico Health Centers
More than anything else, DiversityEdu gives you an opportunity to start having conversations that you may have never had in your life, because… these are the things that aren’t talked about anymore over kitchen tables, and/or in the curriculum in most schools. Some people do have the opportunity, because of their lived experience, but this gives you the opportunity to begin to have those conversations, and recognize intent and impact.”
Dr. Jamie Patton
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion
Cal Poly

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