Online Courses


  • Defining diversity and engaging with difference
  • Examining assumptions and searching for similarities
  • The impact of identity terminology
  • Addressing microaggressions

Faculty and Staff

  • Engagement with diversity
  • Inclusive communication (impact, terminology, microaggressions)
  • The influence of unconscious bias
  • Myths about merit and fit

Search Committees

  • The influence of unconscious bias
  • Myths about merit and fit
  • Addressing microaggressions
  • Ground rules and guidelines for search committees

Facilitator's Guides

DiversityEdu Facilitator’s Guides are for in-person, follow-on activities that are critical to effective diversity learning.

  • Step-by-step instructions for the facilitator
  • Thought-provoking readings, videos, games, and discussion and writing prompts engage learners
  • Narrative strategies make learning points resonate and uplift unheard voices

Reduces Diversity Resistance

  • An Inclusive definition – everyone is part of diversity
  • Ties diversity learning to personal success
  • Expands rather than restricts options
  • Informs rather than directs decisions

Based on Facts

  • Learning based on peer-reviewed studies
  • Examples from research that resonate
  • Bridges the research-practice gap
  • Content continually updated


  • Commentary by preeminent scholars
  • Reenactments relate scholarship to experience
  • Variety of interactive exercises
  • User-friendly design

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The tool

A flexible tool: set a baseline of knowledge at orientation, as part of a curriculum, or to frame a workshop. Help students come prepared to engage constructively in the conversations that matter. DiversityEdu stands alone and strengthens your other initiatives.


Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting lets you monitor progress and tie completion to next semester registration or service on a search committee.

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Great course that all search committee members should take. Several years ago, I took the in-person training for search committee members and thought that was useful. However, this course offers a lot more.

Anonymous feedback on search committee course

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DiversityEdu is a much appreciated resource, leading diversity initiatives by better preparing academic communities to best serve society at large. This program utilizes innovation, extensive research, best practices, and high quality designs to deliver practical applications for diversity training.

Clinton J. Normore

Director of Diversity ​A.T. Still University of Health Science

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Thank you so much for this. I'm impressed at how relevant, up to date and inclusive this program was. I think this is the sort of program people could really benefit from.

Kept me interested and alert, will definitely remember topics discussed.

Anonymous feedback on student course

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