Reduce Bias and Build Inclusive Culture

Our online courses and tools establish a common language and reduce diversity resistance.
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Over 200,000 course takers enrolled in DiversityEdu across the nation.

Engaging, Practical Content With Proven Impact

Our courses resonate because they are evidence-based, not political or divisive. Learners walk away with actionable insights and practical skills rather than a set of rules.

  • Our inclusive, positive approach reduces diversity resistance and increases engagement.
  • Our content is developed by experts and has been proven to impact behaviors and attitudes.
of learners

say DiversityEdu helped them recognize myths about people of color, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ people.

Drive Performance with Diverse Teams and Leadership

Foster an environment in which employees feel a sense of belonging, value, and recognition. A strong inclusion program is essential to retain and attract talent from all backgrounds.

  • Educate managers and HR teams on how to reduce unconscious bias in hiring processes and everyday decision-making.
  • Drive innovation by encouraging diversity of ideas and perspectives in leadership.

Align with Your Diversity and Inclusion Goals

DiversityEdu supports your diversity plan and sets a baseline for further initiatives. We integrate your branding, assets, and language into our courses to create a cohesive approach around your mission.

  • We import video messages from leadership, create custom scripts and narration, and add other supporting materials to the course experience.
  • Our course takers report feeling engaged with our online diversity learning because it is aligned with their organization's mission.
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Custom surveys
Rescripted introduction
Custom photo assets
Custom video assets
This is perhaps the most helpful training on diversity I have taken so far. It gives a variety of angles and tools to think about in an opening and welcoming manner. ”
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Workplace Course Options

Building Inclusive Culture

Teach practical skills for monitoring unconscious bias and foster an atmosphere of openness and appreciation for individual differences.

Example Course Topics:

  • Understanding microaggressions
  • Focusing on impact vs intent
  • Mitigating the influence of unconscious bias

say they will rethink how they communicate with people based on the skills they learned in DiversityEdu

Inclusive Hiring and Recruiting

Attract, hire, and retain the best candidates by providing people managers and recruiters with skills to build inclusive and effective processes.

Example Course Topics:

  • Mitigating the influence of unconscious biases in decision-making
  • Learning ground rules and guidelines for effective recruiting, hiring, and advancement
  • Creating growth opportunities and cultivate diverse leaders

say DiversityEdu will help them recognize the impact of unconscious biases, myths, and stereotypes on decisions.

Impactful Solutions that Scale with You

DiversityEdu pushes beyond basic diversity training to effect organizational change without straining your resources.

“Check-the-Box” Compliance Training
Consulting Firms
Guided implementation
Research basis
Measurable outcomes
Diversity climate assessment
Fast rollout
Customized to reflect brand
Scalability of online learning
LMS and integration support
Self-guided follow-up learning
Consistent results
Proven impact

Course Features


Highly Interactive
A variety of exercises, quizzes, and video scenarios keep learners on task.
Mobile-Friendly Design
Flexible design for easy access from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.
Assessable Outcomes
Pre- and post-course surveys, assessments, and pass/fail options.


Learning Management System
Use the proprietary DiversityEdu LMS or integrate with your own.
Performance Analytics
Track progress, send reminders, and issue certificates of completion.
End-to-End Support
Dedicated implementation manager and technical support for learners.


Research-Based Content
Continually updated to keep up with evolving concepts and terminology.
Contributions from Top Scholars
Video commentary from eminent scholars reinforces learning points.
Accessible Technology
ADA and WCAG compliant with closed captioning and accessible design.

End-to-End D&I Solutions

Implementation Resources
Support and tools to ensure a successful roll-out and greater engagement.
Learn More
Step-by-step guides for leading diversity workshops that put learning into practice.
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What Our Clients Say

DiversityEdu is a much appreciated resource, leading diversity initiatives by better preparing academic communities to best serve society at large. This program utilizes innovation, extensive research, best practices, and high quality designs to deliver applications for diversity training.”
Clinton J. Normore
Director of Diversity
​A.T. Still University of Health Science
I believe DiversityEdu is the best online tool in the field. DiversityEdu is an important resource for our faculty search committees in their mission to recruit and retain superior faculty and challenge misconceptions surrounding diversity.”
Aaron Bruce
Chief Diversity Officer
San Diego State University
At the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the vision of Inclusive Illinois means valuing and respecting the many voices, ideas, and perspectives that faculty, staff, and students each bring to the campus community. We have received valuable assistance from DiversityEdu in realizing our vision of Inclusive Illinois.”
Menah Pratt-Clarke
Vice Chancellor for Diversity
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
They really understood what bias was and that everybody has biases. And so what do you do with that ... are you going to create a barrier for someone or a student because of the bias? I think DiversityEdu helped a lot of people to look at things from a bigger picture.”
Valerie Romero-Leggott, M.D.
Vice Chancellor and Diversity & Inclusion Executive Officer
University of New Mexico Health Centers
More than anything else, DiversityEdu gives you an opportunity to start having conversations that you may have never had in your life, because... these are the things that aren't talked about anymore over kitchen tables, and/or in the curriculum in most schools. Some people do have the opportunity, because of their lived experience, but this gives you the opportunity to begin to have those conversations, and recognize intent and impact.”
Dr. Jamie Patton
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion
Cal Poly

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