Our Diversity and Inclusion Learning Library

Learners choose from a variety of online courses to practice D&I skills and delve deeper into topics that matter to them.
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What is the D&I Learning Library?

A collection of online courses offering follow-on learning for organizations that have implemented baseline courses in diversity and inclusion.

Deep-Dive Diversity Learning
Supports ongoing diversity skill-building beyond baseline initiatives.
Lasting, Positive Impact
Gives D&I leaders a way to establish recurring opportunities for diversity learning.
Topics That
Promotes self-motivation by allowing learners to choose topics that resonate from a library of courses.
Convenient Implementation
Flexible subscription model provides ongoing access to more content over time.

Inclusion Learning That Resonates

Further Examine Key Concepts in Diversity

Enable learners to take a closer look at a range of critical topics in diversity and inclusion that build on the concepts outlined in the core DiversityEdu courses.

Address Specific Audiences Directly

Whereas core diversity learning should meet the needs of all groups, our Learning Library allows organizations to present specific audiences with topics that may be more relevant and impactful to them.

Facilitate Exploration and Create Agency

Foster greater motivation and reduce diversity resistance by enabling participants to choose how to fulfill diversity education requirements with a library of course options.

Establish Your Organization’s Commitment

Send the message that learning about inclusion is not a one-and-done experience but an ongoing and evolving conversation that your community engages in together.

Learning Library Course List

Classroom Inclusion:
Bullying, Trauma, and Cultural Humility

This course guides teachers through the dynamics of bullying and cliques, the trauma-informed approach to teaching, and practicing cultural humility.

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Myths about Merit, Fit, and Leadership

This course explores common myths around hiring, retention, and advancement in the workplace, and offers skills for combating these myths.

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Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

This course defines cultural appropriation and develops skills for engaging with diverse cultures through appreciation rather than appropriation.

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A subscription gives your organization access to all courses in the online library as well as access to additional courses as we add them to the library over time.

  • Give learners access to explore additional topics that are of interest to them.
  • Allow participants to choose any courses they wish to meet a minimum learning requirement.
  • Ask learners to complete specific courses based on the needs of your organization.

Course Features


Highly Interactive
A variety of exercises, quizzes, and video scenarios keep learners on task.
Mobile-Friendly Design
Flexible design for easy access from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Performance Analytics
Track progress, send reminders, and issue certificates of completion.
End-to-End Support
Dedicated implementation manager and technical support for learners.


Research-Based Content
Continually updated to keep up with evolving concepts and terminology.
Accessible Technology
ADA and WCAG compliant with closed captioning and accessible design.

End-to-End D&I Solutions

Diversity Climate Assessment
Meaningful data to understand culture and recommendations to grow inclusion.
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Implementation Resources
Support and tools to ensure a successful roll-out and greater engagement.
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Step-by-step guides for leading diversity workshops that put learning into practice.
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What Our Clients Say

DiversityEdu is a much appreciated resource, leading diversity initiatives by better preparing academic communities to best serve society at large. This program utilizes innovation, extensive research, best practices, and high quality designs to deliver applications for diversity training.”
Clinton J. Normore
Director of Diversity
​A.T. Still University of Health Science
I believe DiversityEdu is the best online tool in the field. DiversityEdu is an important resource for our faculty search committees in their mission to recruit and retain superior faculty and challenge misconceptions surrounding diversity.”
Aaron Bruce
Chief Diversity Officer
San Diego State University
At the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the vision of Inclusive Illinois means valuing and respecting the many voices, ideas, and perspectives that faculty, staff, and students each bring to the campus community. We have received valuable assistance from DiversityEdu in realizing our vision of Inclusive Illinois.”
Menah Pratt-Clarke
Vice Chancellor for Diversity
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
They really understood what bias was and that everybody has biases. And so what do you do with that ... are you going to create a barrier for someone or a student because of the bias? I think DiversityEdu helped a lot of people to look at things from a bigger picture.”
Valerie Romero-Leggott, M.D.
Vice Chancellor and Diversity & Inclusion Executive Officer
University of New Mexico Health Centers
More than anything else, DiversityEdu gives you an opportunity to start having conversations that you may have never had in your life, because... these are the things that aren't talked about anymore over kitchen tables, and/or in the curriculum in most schools. Some people do have the opportunity, because of their lived experience, but this gives you the opportunity to begin to have those conversations, and recognize intent and impact.”
Dr. Jamie Patton
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion
Cal Poly

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